Constructing the Perfect Business Text Message

Constructing the Perfect Business Text Message

By Jeff "Herschy" Schwerdt
June 30, 2021

How Texting Consumers Will Multiply Your Revenue

As you may already know, texting your consumers is the best way to get them in contact with your business. With the majority of life packed into the hands of smartphones, it is a no brainer that businesses should also be interacting with consumers on the device they actively check the most. 

Landline texting gives businesses the opportunity for their messages to be seen, and for consumers to be responsive. Ultimately, taking advantage of texting customers from a business standpoint will close more deals and produce more money. And as a business, who doesn’t want to reach more potential consumers and increase profits? 

Along with texting itself, your business must produce a message that actually allows the strategy of landline texting to do its work. The text message must have aspects that give consumers the opportunity to understand, be responsive, and take action by buying into your business’ products or services.

But what goes into crafting a fruitful business text message? Where would you even begin in that process?  

With our background and expertise as an agency specifically in landline texting, here are a few steps on how to create the perfect business text messages to consumers:

First, decide what your business’ goal is in sending the message, and specifically what you are trying to communicate to your consumer. This aspect of your message is the why, for example why you are sending a message in the first place. Without a clear goal, the information you are trying to convey may get lost in your vocabulary or you may lose sight of it overall. Go into creating the message with a logical objective in mind. 

Next, figure out what kind of tone you should use with your target consumer base. This quality of the message is also the how, specifically how or in what manner you convey your message. The tone you use must align with your business and the goal of the message. For instance, some businesses would take a more comical approach in giving a promotion or sending a business text message to their consumers. But, no matter what route you decide is best for your business’ message, it is important that your message still be friendly, personable, and professional.

Now to the message itself, the meat and potatoes as you may call it. The message is really the who, the when, and the what mixed together. Ultimately, be clear and concise. Make sure you state your identity, and explain the point you are trying to convey. In your text, be resourceful and give some sort of value in the message. By providing some sort of value, your consumer will see the incentive of opening your message and buying into your brand. Come forth to your potential consumers as a confident, credible business offering them value and reciprocity. With all of these qualities in mind, you will have formulated the perfect content in no time. 

Lastly, provide a strong call to action at the end of your message. Now that you have successfully gotten your point across to your consumers, what action should they take now with your business? Similar to the message, still be clear and concise in your wording. You may also provide attachments, images, videos, links, anything that will catch your reader’s attention and achieve the goal of your text message. But, no matter what your message entails, ensure that you convey that communication is a two way street. It is extremely important that consumers know they can also text you back through your landline texting, especially if answering a few questions could close a deal for your business. After creating a powerful call to action, you have now created a solid business text message that is ready to send!

Landline texting is the most effective way to get potential consumers to be responsive and engaged with your message. With this feature of texting your consumer base, your business will produce more quality leads and consequently more sales. Furthermore, business texting also gives you the opportunity to build a loyal consumer base, as you can form relationships with your consumers by answering their live questions via text messaging. Although no business text message is perfect, and there is no perfect process in doing it, give yourself the time and patience to master this incredible opportunity for your business.

To learn more about landline texting and how to exponentially increase your revenue just by texting your consumers, visit our website here. 

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Jeff "Herschy" Schwerdt
I'm a former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot turned entrepreneur. After experiencing a career ending back injury in 2007, I started working online and created my first digital agency in 2008, working with local business owners.

I'm a husband, father, international speaker, author, and the creator / co-founder of several products, software platforms, and tools designed to help internet marketers, local business owners, and digital service agencies.

Using my eight year military flying background, I focus on developing proven and repeatable systems that use easy to follow step by step processes to ensure we consistently bring in new clients using the power of automation.




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