The Easiest Way To Contact Trace

Imagine a simple way for your customers to help you keep track of everyone coming into your establishment without your employees needing to be involved.

About Trace Contact App

Let's talk about the reasons why this makes sense for your organization, and your customers!

Benefits For You

We've taken "you" out of the equation by making Trace Contact App 100% "contactless". Once you have registered your company, we make it easy to manage. Your customers don't need to touch anything, and neither do you or your staff...even if you need to let customers know of a positive test, our automated system handles that for you too.

Nothing To Download

Your customers won't need to download anything, and we maintain and manage the system 100% for you. Nothing to download, nothing to add to your server or website.

Nothing To Touch Or Keep Clean

Your customers won't find a pen and sheet of paper on a clipboard waiting to fill in, not knowing who's touched it before them. Your staff won't need to constantly keep them clean.

Simple To Use

Simple and "contactless" for your customers and your staff. Nothing to train, nothing to manage.

Your team won't need to add details to a database or keep up with the lists and lists of customers' names that visit you.

Get Started With Trace Contact App!

We know that the need to contact trace is going to be around for a very long time, and our team wants to help. Let us manage this for you so you can focus on more important issues.

Is Trace Contact App Easy To Use?

How does it work for my customers?

About The Product

How does it work for my team?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, that's the beauty of our solution. We provide you everything you need and manage the whole system. You merely pay for ongoing access.

No, in fact, it already takes advantage of a tool they already have on their phones, so nothing to download or add.

The team member who is Admin will have the notification activation on their menu, so they simply click to start, tell us the date of the person found positive, and the messages will be sent to everyone within the correct time frame.

Amazingly so! Your customers will not need to touch anything and your staff will not need to worry about keeping clean the pen and paper or any other tool you might have been using.

Security is one of the biggest reasons for creating this tool, as we saw too often how the paper or clipboard was simply being left out for all to see. Our data is secure and only accessible by our team or yours, should you decide to want to download it.

Our service does not require a long term contract and can be cancelled at any time. If a longer term agreement is paid for in advance, the service will cancel at the end of the current month, and all unused portions will be returned.