Benefits of Text Enabling Your Company's Landline

Attract more customers and increase customer retention by 30% without spending a dime on advertising.

Studies show this innovative form of customer communication has a proven 98% response rate and is the most effective marketing tool for small businesses to date!

How Landline Texting Can Help Your Business

Businesses around the globe are taking advantage of the influence and resourcefulness
landline texting provides to streamline communication and increase revenue.

Instant & Direct Communication

Opens new, convenient and natural lines of communication with your customers.

Customers Prefer Texting

3 out of 4 customers would prefer texting a business vs. calling.

Increased Sales & Customers

Create additional revenue allowing customers to reach out, communicate, and purchase.

Text Enabling Your Business Landline

Ensures you open all lines of communications with your customers.

Notifications On Your Mobile

Get real-time alerts straight to your mobile device when you receivea text message.

Convenience and Privacy

Use your mobile device to reply and keep it private at the same time.

Saves Time

Close more sales quickly allowing customers to easily engage and bet their questions answered to make a purchase.

Provides Better Support

Addressing customer questions and concerns quickly, increases sales.

Smart Routing

Intelligently route text messages to currently available staff ensuring your customers always talk to a live representative.

Automation and Intelligence

Smart communication channels convert text messages into sales.

Detailed Reports

Online dashboard & reporting provides valuable info to track performance & conversion gains.

Online Database and CRM

Manage your chats, your customers,and your activity online.

Give Your Customers What They Want... A Convenient Way To Contact your Business

Our mass text messaging platform allows you to send SMS texts to your staff, customers, and suppliers using your business landline, toll-free, or VoIP phone number.

Direct Communication

Text Enabling your business phone number gives you an additional channel to directly communicate with potential customers on the medium that they prefer most.

Coupons & Promotions

Another effective way to use leverage texting is by offering exclusive coupons and promotions. 83% of consumers say that coupons actually drive their behavior to make purchases sooner.

Generate Leads

Turn direct communication into new leads by encouraging customers to sign up for your SMS list and offering incentives in the form of discounts when they text your landline directly!

Reach Everyone

Text message communications is used by over 89% of the public and it allow you to reach all models of cellphones, smartphones, and an expanded demographic.


The majority of your customers text daily. This option adds level of convenience by providing them to reach out to your business via their most preferred communication channel.

Appointment Reminders

Sending customers carefully crafted appointment reminders can save your business money by cutting down on cancellations and helping to prevent no-calls and no-shows.

Business Landline & Texting Facts

Business Landline Texting has been one of the fastest growing trends in the past 10 years.
of consumers prefer text messaging over any medium of communication.
of adults use text messaging, making it the most common cell phone activity.
of text messages are opened and read, whereas email only has a 20% open rate.
of business owners said they would like to have a tool that improves communication with prospects and customers.
of employees have expressed they would prefer a texting platform to communicate with business contacts.
of consumers prefer to be contacted by a business via text than a call.
billion text messages are sent in the U.S. alone ever single day.
billion people send text messages worldwide.
of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

Text Directly With Your Customers

Business Landline Texting has been one of the fastest growing trends in the past 10 years.

Web Based Control Panel

A simple web based solution that allows you to use this powerful advanced landline texting solution at any time, from anywhere.

Mobile To Email

With our landline texting services, you can send text messages via email to any mobile phone and forward all text messages to one or multiple emails.

Web SMS Chat

Never miss a prospect again with an easy-to-use chat widget you can speak to leads in real time and provide customer service in a faster, more efficient manner.


Send SMS and MMS messages to enhance your communication with your customers and prospects by sending text and picture messages, using your existing business phone number.

Group Messaging

Now you can distribute group text messages using your landline, toll-free, or VoIP business phone number to send notifications, alerts, and announcements to customized groups.

Contact Management

Add, edit and store contacts with our text-to-landline solution, just like your mobile phonebook. Import and Export contacts any time!

Text Directly With Your Customers

Direct Texting With Customers

The smartest business owners are ‘text enabling’ their businesses to allow customers to text them. Text enable your business phone number so you can drive more leads, sales, and an overall better customer experience.

Your Customers Want To
Text You!

85% of consumers prefer to receive a text versus a phone call or email. Texting is the preferred method of communication these days.

HOW Does It Work When You Text A Landline?

If your customers text a non-text enabled number then the texts go nowhere. Allow us to quickly help you text your customers with your existing phone number. No setup required!
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