A smarter way to manage your business’ social media marketing. Posting to all of your favorite platforms has never been faster or easier thanks to Social Rotation. We know just how hard it is to come up with content on a consistent bases.  That’s why we have niche-specific content you can use today, and we have made it quick and easy to recycle content and upload multiple files at once.

Engage website visitors via SMS Message using a simple widget that is embedded on the company’s website. Assign leads to agents and track all communications with a prospect, send automated mess-ages, click to contact, or reopen the line of communication to close a sale. SMS follow ups and broad-casting allows you to communicate with your leads on a regular basis to keep you in front of them.

Present eye catching call-to-action items such as pop-up endorse-ments, opt-in forms for list building, and surveys. Each link shared has the ability to drop a retargeting pixel, allowing you to follow and retarget your audience around the web. Every unique link tracks user behavior and updates your campaign metrics in real time ensuring that you make every click count.

Search, Identify, and Engage authors and journalists of recent articles, posts, and media relevant to your niche. Once identified, the platform sends a canned or personalized custom pitch, flags your hottest contacts, and helps with tracking follow ups. Automatically curate lists of media sources and work on relationships with them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Proprietary User Admin package built to help you quickly tackle the complex database and customer management, white label setup, and billing system for your SaaS platform. Accelerate development with a clean canned setup that helps reduce costs, time to MVP, and allows your team to focus on the main functionality of your SaaS.